Sunday, November 28, 2010

Revlon Perplex

I finally found some Revlon Perplex......I had to go to a different town to find it at a CVS. It was just stuffed between 2 other Revlon displays on the topshelf. :(   Appearently they didn't think that it deserved its own display! Too bad!

I'm also doing a Zoya Color Lock System experiment which i recently ordered while they had a promotion.
So far I'm really happy with it. This is Day 4 of the Perplex mani without any chipping.....just some minor tipwear.

Feel free to click on the pictures to see the awesomeness!!!

In direct sunlight

Inside natural light

Inside with flash

Inside with flash

purple more visible with the blurriness

outside in the shade


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  1. Love the new blog, Dani :)
    This will make me feel closer to you when I am in Miami :)